Almost every bio on every actor’s website starts with something about their childhood ratio of imaginary to real friends, or the school play during which they were bit by the acting bug – I’d love to spare you the cliché, but it’s apparently a cliché for a reason. I was so bitten that at 15, I took off on my own to Los Angeles for a summer of training at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Years later I would return to AADA – for the Academy’s two-year conservatory in New York City. In the meanwhile, I have been lucky enough to train and work with many extraordinary teachers and professionals from all over the world. I graduated Magna cum Laude from Loyola University in New Orleans with a major in Drama and minor in Literature, studied Shakespeare with the British American Dramatic Academy at Oxford, and studied Stanislavsky with the Moscow Art Theatre at Harvard.

In 2013, I co-founded the indomitable Ivy Theatre Company, producing, and/or directing or starring in four acclaimed productions in less than a year, while continuing to work in other Off-Broadway productions, film and television. I’ve been freelancing with Renee Glicker at About Artists, giving me the opportunity to read for loads of incredible people in the business, and to book my first commercial and television gigs. I have had immeasurable fun and great success creating new works and reinventing classics as a member of Snorks & Pins, Coryphaeus, and Turn to Flesh Theatre Companies. Putting all that phenomenal training to work has been the most deliciously fulfilling adventure, and I am hungry for more. I look forward to working on stage and before the camera with more innovative and dedicated artists in projects to come.

When I’m not juggling projects on stage and screen, I am working diligently to be the best-fed starving artist in New York, playing with toddlers, catching up on reading and movies (with some tea & cookies), or laughing with the best friends a girl could ask for.