Keeping Busy

As sad as I am to be out of the craze of rehearsal/performance schedules, I’ve been so excited to have a little bit more time to do a whole lot more.  And between Ivy Theatre work, a bunch of early script readings, seeing friends’ shows and going on auditions and attending classes, I’ve been BUSY!

Highlights include:

A Clown Workshop with the Shakepeare Forum’s Felipe Valle Costa: so much fun going deep inside and finding our most simple self.

A reading of Naomi McDougall Jones’ next screenplay, Bite Me. I had the thrill of watching her last film go from early draft to festival hit, so it’s super exciting to read a part and see the next project start its journey.

A reading of Elizabeth Seldin’s Peter Pan musical, Pan.  I got to play a mermaid. News flash: I was *born* to play a mermaid.

A reading of Samara Weiss’s other Phaedra adaptation.  If ever there was a playwright to write multiple plays of the same story from totally different angles, it would be Samara.  And if ever there was a playwright for whom I would happily be a part of the early reading process for both – it’s Samara.

And last but not least: Ivy Theatre Company had an amazing run of Micheline Auger’s Donkey Punch, received rave reviews, and has been asked to bring the show Off-Broadway for a three week run at SoHo Playhouse!!