Want to get in touch? Awesome. Email me! You can find me on IMDB and ActorsAccess as well, and all over social media, like Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube. I’ll also be updating the blog on this site with all of my current news. I freelance with the About Artists Agency (

  • Tim Goodwin Photography: Nine out of ten of the photos you’ll find on this site were taken by this stellar photographer.  His headshots are ridiculously affordable, his editorial work is stunning, and he’s always good for a laugh.  Check him out.
  • Starglass Media and Unbelievably Awesome :  How great is this website?!  It’s magnificent!!  And it wouldn’t exist without the talents of my favorite nerds.
  • Ivy Theatre: I co-founded this theatre company with two other kickass women, and I couldn’t be more proud of our progress.  Take a look at what’s coming up next for Ivy.
  • The Shakespeare Forum: Whether you’re a Shakespeare geek or not, this weekly donation-based workshop is a terrific place to be challenged and supported at any point of your career. Also see what they’re doing for the broader community and donate if you can!
  • Ohio Edit:  This online art & literary journal is edited by one of my favorite humans, Amy Fusselman.  Give it a peek and feed your soul.