Did you say, F*ckFest? Yes. I said F*ckFest.

That’s right, kids… I started my summer off dirty with a sex thing (or, a bunch of liberals getting uptight about the sociopolitical implications of their desires) by Kati Frazier.  It was part of The Brick’s annual F*ckFest, which is almost just what it sounds like – but with plays.  It was *wicked* fun.  It’s really really rare that a play about sex is totally thoughtful and funny and provides agency to its female characters and requires zero nudity, yet remains pretty hot.

I mean, how hot is this picture?

a sex thing(if your answer was “ridiculously hot” – you are correct)

A Reunion to Remember

Mayfield promo

The experience working with CAPS LOCK on ‘Mrs. Mayfield’s Fifth-Grade Class of ’93 20-Year Reunion’ was like nothing else.  It was an immersive, site-specific, choose-your-own-adventure party for the audience, and for me, it was an absolute roller coaster.  I’ve never played a character that was so tragically hilarious.  Thanks to brilliant playwright, Mariah MacCarthy, darling director, Leta Tremblay, and my exquisite ensemble for making creating such awesome theatre with me night after night.  Nothing like tearing your proverbial hearts out while being mindful not to bump the beer in the hand of the audience member sitting next to you on the couch…

Check out a couple great reviews herehere, and here at the Times!

Ivy-ISH, Mrs. Mayfield and more…

Big announcement…

I get to play with CAPS LOCK THEATRE this winter in the remount of the immersive theatre party-play, Mrs. Mayfield’s Fifth-Grade Class of ’93 20-Year Reunion by Mariah MacCarthy.  Showbusiness Weekly said of the original production, ““It was the most “real to life” theatrical experience I’ve ever seen and it raised the bar for what theater can be…” Soooo…. I’ve got some killer shoes to fill.  I can’t WAIT.

This announcement was made at the first night of Pussyfest III: The Reckoning, where twenty unbelievably bold women (and I) performed some of the most hilarious, strange, and deeply moving monologues I’ve ever beheld.  It was an awesome night of talent.

Speaking of awesome… my theatre company opens the Trellis Project this weekend at the 4th Street Theatre of NYTW.  We partnered up with two playwrights to produce two new plays, giving BADASS playwrights the structure to climb beyond the antiquated hierarchy of commercialism to change the conversation. I’m super proud of this work.
And it all begins with Ivy-ISH Reading Series(Ideas Sown Here): We provide the venue and a forum for meaningful feedback, playwrights bring the reading of their obviously amazing scripts. Plays featured in Ivy-ISH are considered for one of 2 spots in next year’s Trellis Project.  I’m running the Ivy-ISH readings this year, and directing two of them so far – The Nurse, by Liz Ellison, and The Offspring of Lorraine, by Daniel Damiano.  I am *very* excited to see what these plays will bring.



Coming this Fall…

Happy Autumn Equinox! Fall is looking SO FABULOUS.

First let me say, Summer was a blast – I got a chance to relax a bit, go on a couple road trips, see some family, go camping, fill up my inner well, and see a lot of awesome theatre. And of course, there was a bunch of super exciting auditions, classes, continued work with playwrights on their upcoming works, and Ivy Theatre Company had a killer Off-Broadway run of Micheline Auger’s Donkey Punch at SoHo Rep.

Just last weekend we started casting our next production: Ivy Theatre Company’s First Annual Trellis Project, our first developement series with two new plays, Juan & Emmett by Alan Baxter, and Incongruence: A {Trans}Gender Looking Glass by Carla Pridgen. More on that to come!

Speaking of awesome things that happened last weekend – I had the honor of participating in Diana Oh’s {my lingerie play} in Union Square. Read about it. Be empowered.

But back to Autumnal projects!
In October, I’ll be in two different pieces.
First, you can see me in an Off-Broadway production of Out of the Basement with RADD Theatre Co.  It is a thought-provoking play going up at The American Theatre for Actors, taking a look at the damage “Bro Culture” can do to both men and women.
AND also next month, I’ll be taking part in CAPS LOCK THEATER’s third annual theatrical fundraising event, PussyFest III: The Reckoning. I’ll have the privilege of performing a piece written *just for me* by the brilliant Kevin R. Free. How cool is that?

It’s cool. Really cool.

OH! And I haven’t even mentioned the part where I’ve started a ten-week class with the truly beautiful folks of The Humanist Project.  I am reveling in the Humanist Approach to Acting – bringing the full human experience into my work, and using the text and character to explore/reveal my own humanity, as a mirror for the audience.  It’s good stuff.

There’s more, more, MORE to come, but it’s so special, I’m not even allowed to talk about it yet.
You’ll just have to come visit me here again soon to find out.

On-camera class with Heidi Marshall

I am so happy that I noticed a trend of super smart, talented, successful friends recommending Heidi Marshall’s On Camera Class, because it has been such a fantastic experience.

I’ll be honest.  I’m a penny pincher, so I rarely fork out big chunks of change to take classes.  But this was So.Worth.It. And really, much more affordable than a lot of other classes.

I can’t wait to upload some of the footage we’ve gotten in class to my reel page – so check back for updates there.  It sunk in last night that I only have one class left, and I was so sad, I know it won’t be long before I sign up for another.

Keeping Busy

As sad as I am to be out of the craze of rehearsal/performance schedules, I’ve been so excited to have a little bit more time to do a whole lot more.  And between Ivy Theatre work, a bunch of early script readings, seeing friends’ shows and going on auditions and attending classes, I’ve been BUSY!

Highlights include:

A Clown Workshop with the Shakepeare Forum’s Felipe Valle Costa: so much fun going deep inside and finding our most simple self.

A reading of Naomi McDougall Jones’ next screenplay, Bite Me. I had the thrill of watching her last film go from early draft to festival hit, so it’s super exciting to read a part and see the next project start its journey.

A reading of Elizabeth Seldin’s Peter Pan musical, Pan.  I got to play a mermaid. News flash: I was *born* to play a mermaid.

A reading of Samara Weiss’s other Phaedra adaptation.  If ever there was a playwright to write multiple plays of the same story from totally different angles, it would be Samara.  And if ever there was a playwright for whom I would happily be a part of the early reading process for both – it’s Samara.

And last but not least: Ivy Theatre Company had an amazing run of Micheline Auger’s Donkey Punch, received rave reviews, and has been asked to bring the show Off-Broadway for a three week run at SoHo Playhouse!!

Exciting Things

Two fabulous pieces of Shakespearean news to share with you!

1. I was recently accepted into the Accidental Shakespeare Company!  Take a peek at their website to get an idea of the brave and hilarious work they do.  I can’t wait to join the fun.

2. York Shakespeare Company has asked me to reprise the role of Perdita for a staged reading of The Winter’s Tale at the National Arts Club.  It’s such a gorgeous (super fancy) venue and a ridiculously talented ensemble.