Shakespeare’s As You Like It at Roy Arias Theatre

Gwenevere is together again with her beloved Snorks & Pins to present you with AS YOU LIKE IT.

Gwen will be playing Phoebe AND William in this fantastic comedy.  You’ll laugh, cry, & sing along in the Forest of Arden.  Not to mention, the theatre is air conditioned.  Come cool off and warm your heart with us.  July 22nd -August 1st

A FREE Boiling Pot reading of “How to Be Cute and Break Hearts”

The Boiling Pot as part of Mind the Art Entertainment presents a FREE reading of  “How to Be Cute and Break Hearts” – A relatively original play by Tommaso Matelli.

A dementedly hilarious, wild, tragic comedy/drama about broken relationships and the people who love them.  Gwen plays a slightly deranged (or perhaps enlightened?) woman obsessed with Sandwiches.  What’s not to love?  Join us at Baruch Performing Arts Center  on July 26th!