Just some of my reviews from critics in New York City and New Orleans:

“Also quite impressive is Gwenevere Sisco who moves from the doofy William to the love struck Phebe with grace and charm and then just as quickly switches back again.”
– Michael Roderick,

“Kudos also go to Gwenevere Sisco in her earnest, heartfelt portrayal of Sonya. The scenes between Sisco and Orian are the standouts of the evening. Her monologue about not being pretty is sublime.”
– David Stallings,

“The two goddesses, Aphrodite (Laura Hooper) and Persephone (Gwenevere Sisco), display strong presences: Sisco has a beautiful stage figure and knows, at the same time, how to hold a dramatic weight. “

“Sisco is luminous and deeply effecting in the lead. Highly recommended.”
– Duncan Pflaster,

“In this new Ophelia (a riveting Gwenevere Sisco), we find a fully-realized woman, an actor who takes her scripted fate into her own hands.”
Letters From the Mezzanine, Sara Zweig

“Gwenevere Sisco’s luminous and earnest Ophelia… rarely leaves the stage. One needs a strong actress of presence to carry this role…and Sisco is more than up to the task. It is, in fact, hard to take your eyes off her. And it is to her credit that, even amidst the always-heartbreaking mad scene – a scene that we know in this context she is faking, following the lead of her absent lover – that she manages still to move us, as her voice cracks with surprised emotion”
A Work Unfinishing, Zelda Knapp

“When she eventually comes out to Karen, Sisco’s radiance at finally having a burden lifted off her shoulders could light up a room.”
– Brian Sands,